Tap W, A, S or D to Blamdodge, hold for a BLAAAMdodge!

Made during LOWREZJAM2017 in 26 hours

Desktop builds are available for people what do Youtubing and that


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LowRezJam2017_Win_16_08_17_11_36.zip 14 MB
LowRezJam2017_Linux_16_08_17_11_36.zip 17 MB
LowRezJam2016_OSX_16_08_17_11_36.zip 16 MB

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Quite fun to play, but also really challenging. Initially I was a little confused about the movement/shooting directions, but after few tries I got it.

Great game considering the time limit. Too bad there's no sounds (or it doesn't work in my browser).

Hello! This game is Really gun   FUN I meant Fun. This game even though so simple was very fun to play. when I first launched it I thought it was going be a simple "Oh just shoot all the enemy's and ur win". But I was wrong, It was using way more strategy then I thought a game this simple would but you surprised me with how this simple game can cause me to feel stupid

9/10- Feels great and makes me feel stupid :D

Good luck on the rest of your games and during the game jam.