And we're done!

In 27 hours and 29 minutes via Unity Engine.

The goal with this game was to learn Item Pooling (see earlier devlog) and other optimisations for webgames. I think it's semi succesful, but I also found out the Unity's AudioMixers don't really work in WebGL. So swings and round-abouts.

In the beginning the idea was BlamDodgeSkid. Tapping would shoot and dodge but holding would produce a shoot, dodge, and then skid until the player let go of the key. But this didn't really feel very useful and players hardly enjoyed it. So I shorted it to two different levels of shoot-dodging. We also added a larger, stronger enemy to keep the same level of complexity.

The sprites were provided by the lovely Joe Wood, an animator in the Bristol-based company Rumpus Animation.

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Aug 15, 2017

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