The Peeps live about their happy, banal lives day by day, safe in the knowledge their wee world is round. It's not. Don't let them find out or the knowledge will eventually, literally blow their tiny minds. Keep them from the edge until they lose interest. It's for their own good.

--- CONTROLS ---

  • Left click to pickup Peeps and left click again to set them down
  • Right click to SMASH!

Keep your panicked peeps from reaching the city.

--- CREDITS ---

Created by Jamie Lewis, Alexander Birke and Daisy Spiers for Ludum Dare 38

Music from Kevin MacLeod

Sound effects from guitarguy1985, Flasher21, Slave2theLight, RSilveira_88, claracarpintero, TreasureSounds, and Pinball_Wizz at soundcloud.com


Flerth came 44th overall during Ludum Dare 38, coming 7th in the category Theme and 6th in the category Humor.


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This was fun. Getting to convert little people into little red puddles is always a good time. And the game itself was well done overall. A simple concept, good for a mini-game, but with plenty of charm. Good job on this.

Have a video.

Oh my god this is fantastic!! please also add a link back to the ldjam page! ( ̄▽ ̄)/

Woops, that's a very good point! I'll get right on that!