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All mouth, no patience.

Tired of being kicked around by big monsters you decide to put your 6 mouths to good use. Roll around and devour as much as you can to grow before the timer runs out - the bigger you are the more you can eat!


How to Play

W A S D  to control the voracious cube of destruction.
MOUSE to navigate menus.



Jamie Lewis - Game design and code

Jeremy Howard - Music and sound effects

Aaron Hicks - 3D art

Trinity Howard - Logo/UI design and 2d sprites

Daisy Spiers - Texturing and 2d sprites


Entry for Fuse Jam 2019, working in a team of 5 using the prompts:

Artifact: a large wooden die

Diary entry: A few dozen insect species are the only life forms on this planet visible with the naked eye, but microscopes show a huge variety of bacteria and other microorganisms hiding everywhere.

Fuse Jam is hosted in Bristol, UK.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTeam Gormless
TagsArcade, fuse-jam, Game Jam, Physics, Singleplayer, Unity


CRONCH 1_2.zip 32 MB

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