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Being a small cog in the Fux machine.

So here's the dealio, duder. Your job is to process refunds. As many as possible, as asap as possible.

A customer will bring you a PRODUCT, a RECEIPT and a set of product INSTRUCTIONS. Left click these to inspect them. If they pass for refund, click the computer on the counter and hit either F1 to accept the refund or F2 to deny it. If you take a refund that's invalid you get 1 strike. Get 3 strikes and we're going to have to aggressively let you go.


Know your place.

Hello there till warrior! So it's your first day in the glamorous retail sector. And look at you with your eager smile and shiny shoes. Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of our customers here at Fux Corp. with our premium products (the price is not representative of the quality).

Always smile, and please have fun*

* unless it costs Fux Corp revenue.


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Wonderful customer service simulator.

That was a laugh! Thanks for playing! I shared it here on my personal twitter prof.


Thanks again.