A downloadable game for Windows

By Alexander Birke, Josh Palmer, Jamie Lewis & Daisy Spiers.

For Absurd Aspect Ratio Jam 2016.



  • W key - Accelerate
  • A key - Turn left
  • D key - Turn right.
  • X Key - Brake


  • Left stick - Steer
  • Right trigger - Accelerate
  • Left trigger - Brake

Alt + Enter for extra immersive Full Screen Mode™


Painstakingly carved from the unreal Engine to the tune of pop, 808 snares and synthesizers, SynthRider is a visually overloaded racer where you cruise the information super-highway, taking in the lights and dodging the crystals.

"It's eye-popping! almost literally!" - Us, with bleeding eyes.

"10/10 - It's okay!" Still us.


Music from Neon City Murder and sfx from freesound.org


SynthRiderWindows64.zip 145 MB